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Books for Parents

  • Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control, by Heather Forbes and B. Bryan Post
  • The Whole Brain Child, by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson
  • Parenting from the Inside Out, by Daniel J. Siegel
  • Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline, By Becky Baily
  • I Love You Rituals, By Becky Baily
  • Born for Love: Why Empathy is Essential–and Endangered, by Maia Szalavitz and Bruce Perr
  • How to Talk so Kids will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
  • Siblings Without Rivalry: How to Help Your Children Live Together So You Can Live Too , by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
  • Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child: The Heart of Parenting, by John Gottman, PhD and Joan Declaire
  • The Out-of-Sync Child: Recognizing and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder, by Carol Stock Kranowitz

Some Books for Kids
  • Anh's Anger by Gail Silver and Christiane Kromer 
  • Oh, The Places You Will Go! By Dr. Zeus
  • I'm Gonna Like Me:Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem By  Jamie Lee Curtis
  • I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa Mccourt
  • Sitting Still Like A Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and Theri Parents) by Eline Snel
  • Your Fantastic Elastic Brain by JoAnn Deak Ph.D., Sarah Ackerley

Useful Links

The following links are listed to provide you with additional online mental health care information and psychotherapy/play therapy resources.

Associations & Institutes
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Association of Play Therapy 
National Association of Social Workers
Play Therapy Institute of Colorado

Developmental Disorders
Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

Medications and Health Supplements
Drug Interactions,
Medications, FDA
Medication, Internet Mental Health
Medications, PDR
Medline, Comparison

Mental Health Care General Link
Internet Mental Health
Mental Help Net
Web Sites You Can Trust, Medical Library Association

Additional Mental Health Care & Counseling Resources
Psychology Today
Stress and Health

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