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My Approach


I am trained in and practice many modalities that support wellness and the integration of the mind, body, and spirit. To address the issues you may face while promoting full acceptance of the self, I practice holistic therapy. I integrate conventional and evidence-based modalities with complementary and alternative practices to specifically address your unique concerns, history, personality, needs and purpose. I operate from an overarching Brain Model that is grounded in attachment theory, and is heavily influenced by Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and Synergetic Play Therapy. This model allows me to flexibly access advances in neuroscience about how experience, and particularly experience in emotional relationships, shape us and can change us to form secure attachments, allowing us to grow throughout our lifespan and helping us attain states of overall well-being.

“The finger pointing at the moon remains a finger and under no circumstance can it be changed into the moon itself.”

D. T. Suzuki, An Introduction to Zen Buddhism

This classic Zen sentiment reflects the dynamic of the therapeutic relationship to types of treatment. Treatment modalities are like the finger; they are useful tools, pointing to the way. They are not the healing process itself, or the therapeutic goals which you wish to reach, but signposts along the path. The therapy is what you and I bring to creating a therapeutic relationship. I believe in your inherent wellness and ability to be well. The therapeutic relationship is grounded in my belief in you, my understanding of my practice, and my experience of attending to the growth and healing journey of the people I serve.

Please see the following links for details about established therapy modalities I practice:


Integrative Complementary and Alternative Approaches

“The patient needs an experience, not an explanation.”

Frieda Fromm-Reichman, M.D.

As each individual is unique, so is the therapeutic relationship that best benefits each person. Along with talk therapy I may incorporate essential oils to deepen your relaxation response or use expressive therapies such as art, journaling, music or movement to help you fully express yourself. As a certified play therapist, I’m licensed to play! I may suggest blowing bubbles to practice co-regulation, or engage in a pillow fight to enhance your experience of silliness and joy. I may have a “mindful tea party” with you to practice savoring positive experience. I could suggest yoga or power poses to help you sleep, manage depression and anxiety, and feel more confident. I invite well-behaved companion animals to accompany you to a session. We might practice breathing or exploring the signals of your dog’s regulation language. I might walk outside with you, noticing sights, scents, sounds and sensations. You may run your hand through sand and use miniature figures to reveal your inner world. I will work to engage the whole you in experiences that support you to benefit fully from the therapy process.